Moving stuff around

Published May 24, 2012 by geekwivesclub

So, as it turns out, I don’t like it when my geek tried to help me do the heavy stuff.  I mean, ok an extra pair of helping hands sounds like a nice idea.  Especially when they are attached to a pretty strong guy.

The problem is when it takes 45 minutes discussing the best route in which to move the damn dresser from this wall to that wall.  It could have easily moved it 3 times by then.  And only then is he ready to start moving it.  Grr!

A graph this complex to show the amount of force it will take to move the dresser depending on where it is pushed from, what material it is sliding across and what sandwich you ate for lunch is not going to help.


If it is your equipment, my grandmothers china hutch or something else that is more or less irreplaceable, it is appreciated.  When it is the dresser we got for free from Craigslist, not so much.  And it is not like we have to lift it and carry it across the state.  We can put some cardboard under the feet and push.  It does not take a EE degree to figure this out.  Charts, drawings, even a general floor plan are not needed.  Just shove it till its kinda over there at that wall.

You say women are difficult.  I have two words for you buddy.  Puh leese!




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