Not bald…yet

Published May 26, 2012 by geekwivesclub

So, while I heard way more than I ever wanted to about VPN’s today, I am not bald.  While I wanted to at times pull hair out, it was not mine I wanted to grab a hold of.  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t even my geek’s hair that I wanted to pull out either.  It was the friend.

Every time my geek or I would try to change the subject, a few times the subject had been changed for a full 5 minutes, and the friend kept dragging the conversation back to the first thing discussed when he got here hours ago.  How he has hair left, I do not know.

I know I think my guy is dense sometimes, I forget that it is not just him.  While I like some of his fiends, I can talk almost all of them in small doses.  This one today, I wanted to strangle .  I have on occasion been pointed to the differences between Nerds and Geeks.  Namely that nerds tend to be smart to the point they cannot possibly be socially adept.  Geeks are technically inclined, smart and can carry on a conversation, they have a bit of charisma.  Nerds you just want to punch so they will go away.

Then again, maybe it is just me.  Or just the nerds I have known.  There are certain personality quirks that irritate the snot out of me, that do not bother others in the least.  And the other way around.  I have some friends, and so does my geek, that others cannot stand to be around.  They just don’t bother us.  They can be pretty entertaining even.

Lucky for me, I got a nice old fashioned migraine about 2 hours before the guy had to leave so I got to ditch our company and go lay down in a dark, cold, quite room and rest.  Given the choice, I would pick a migraine over a nerd who doesn’t shut up any day.




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