Published June 2, 2012 by geekwivesclub

Yes, I am cranky today.  I may not be unjustified, but I don’t feel that I am…right now.

Anyway, my geek has some big todo this weekend.  He springs it on me at the last minute that he wants to go do this day long geeky thing that I am just not feeling up to.  I have been dying to do several things for the last few weeks and he is never up for it.  So last night he doesn’t even come and tell me he wants to go.  He emails me.

What am I going to say?  No, I don’t want you to go?  I really don’t care if he goes.  But he won’t go alone, as in without me.  But if I bring up something I want to do, oh no.  He cannot be bothered.  It doesn’t sound like it is worth his time.  Well, bite me.  I do not enjoy half of the crap we do together.  I go along with it because it makes him happy, but he does not return the favor.  It pisses me off.

Why can he not simply go along and pretend to be having a good time (or at least just not bitch too loudly about it) while I have a nice time?  I do it for him.  He should be courteous enough to do the same for me.

I even mentioned a few places I want to go tomorrow.  You know?  The day before his big outing.  Yea, no so much.  His excuse is that he is going to loose all day Sunday.  Because of his crap.  So he can’t afford to loose time Saturday.  Hello?  That.  Right there.  That is dick-ish.  Stop it!!

Now that I have vented to you, I have to figure out a way tell him.  And not just say it and have it roll off his back.  I have to make it stick.  I am tired of double standards.  We can do whatever he wants, but he doesn’t have time to do what I want.  It is not going to cut it any longer.  How do you break into a skull that is that thick and make him understand that it is not fair.

Wish me luck!


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