Well…that just sucks

Published July 9, 2012 by geekwivesclub

So lately with this damn heat wave has me and my geek on the same side.  That is until yesterday.  We have a few little pockets of cool air.  He stays in one of the other all day unless going from one to the other.  I, on the other hand, actually have to do stuff like cook & clean.  You know, really girly stuff. 😛

Our washer is dead, plus I can’t even imagine using the dryer in the house right now.  So it was off to the laundromat for me.  You know that one with the big sign out front that says “AIR CONDITIONING!”  Here I am thinking it will be at least a reasonable temperature in there.  I do not mind to tell you that I was quite wrong.  I could feel my skin melting off.  Well, not actually but I think it was close.  And that was before I tossed the clothes in the dryer.  So after baking for 2 hours doing the laundry (Yes I let it pile up rather high.) I get home to find him starving away.  Giving me pitiful puppy eyes begging me to feed him.  I left him plenty of food in the fridge.  He didn’t go down to get.  “it’s hot down there, and it tastes better when you make it.”  Really?  That’s what you are going with?  Yea, it’s hot.  It’s still 20 degrees cooler than it was while doing the laundry.  And at this point, I am pretty sure the only thing that food would taste like is poison.  I think I do not need to tell you that we ordered in. 



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